Environment Social & Governance.

Our business measures ESG under 3 frameworks namely:

1. Reduce Poverty - Increased Productivity measured at Farm Level.

2. Employment - Agriculture has potential to absorb many youths.

3. Financial Inclusion - measured through access to wider financial eco-system (Insurance, Credit, Widening Tax Base, Financial Penetration).

ESG Score Card

Reduce Poverty

Productivity can be measured at farm level especially based on increase from a 50 X 50 M plot to either a 100 X 100 M plot or an acre.

ESG Score Card


Agriculture has the potential to create jobs for the youth both direct and indirect employment. Commercial Agriculture has an even bigger potential for success.

Financial Inclusion

The ability to join the Financial Eco-system through access to Affordable Credit, Agricultural Insurance, Savings will enable small holder farmers build resilient small communities.

How we measure Impact


We aim to eliminate the Risk of Certainty of Income for the small holder farmers; enabling them to engage in Commercial Agriculture, with minimal risk, by guaranteeing  market access through introduction to our Partner Agro Processor. We measure the smallholder farmer productivity through growth in output for example (how much more land or livestock has been added for commercial agricultural production since our intervention) if its still the same 50 X 50 M then we cancel our engagement and move to the next small holder farming community.


We aim to eliminate the Supply Chain Insolvency Risk for the Agro Processor enabling them improve their Profits, Pay Down Debt or Return Money to their Shareholders, we  measure this growth at the Agro Processor level through increased output and full capacity utilization, since we have given them FREE working capital and a steady flow of Raw Material supply (for example if the Agro Processor joined the program at 4 MT of production, we expect them to move to 6-8 MT in output - if not  we then cancel our Partnership engagement and move to recruit another Agro Processor).

We often times also seek to negotiate higher prices on behalf of the small holder farmers, (seeking to achieve the prices the Agro Processor would pay if they purchased the same produce through a middleman) , our locas is premised on the fact that we have brought down the Agro Processors costs, created supply chain efficiency for them. This improved price enables the Smallholder Farmers pay for our services (for example if Farmer X has in the past been paid UGX 300 per kg by Middleman Y who sales the same produce to Agro Processor C at UGX 800 per kg, we would like to have Agro Processor C pay the same UGX 800 per kg to Farmer X - which in turn enables Farmer X to pay for our services comfortably since we have increased their income from the same produce sales) and by default lifted them out of poverty. 

Since we are on a Digital and USSD Platform, we enable Financial Inclusion in the Supply Chain through access to Savings, Investment, Insurance, and other financial services products through our Sponsor Partner eco-system.

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